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Team ???.jpg from Beihang University has finished its own mission.

Xin Huang

Ziyuan Liu

Jingzhe Tang

  • 2017-2018
    • ICPC Shengyang: Gold (2nd place)
    • ICPC Xi’an: Gold (8/11/13)
    • CCPC Hangzhou: Gold (4/4/5)
    • CCPC Final: Gold (6/10/12)
    • ICPC ECL-Final: Gold (3/5/6)
    • ICPC World Final: 14th place (23rd place with penalty)


tips and tricks summarize faults, bugs, write some tips, tricks.

code library build code library in specific categories. a few comments would be delicious.

collect useful, interesting, thought-provoking problems/approaches/ideas.





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XVI Open Cup Upsolving


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构造: Puzzle with Tables 手玩 Pigeonhole Principle 决策树 Hotter-Colder ??? Milkland 极角序构造

动态规划: Connect the Cells 状压 Better Productivity 贪心+DP King’s Visit 八方向插头DP Naomi with Array 序列DP Vertex Covers Keys 树DP Room Service 镜面反射+DP Uncrossed Knight’s Tour 插头DP+打表

计算几何: Votter and Paul De Mort 圆与线段交+扫描线 Roof Skeleton 线段交+模拟 Flight Plan Evaluation 球面线段交 Cross on a Plane 枚举+扫描线 Line Segments Clipped by Windows 模拟 White Triangle 圆切线 Cleaning the Hallway 格林公式 PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS 二分+圆切线 Shortest Flight Path 球面圆交+最短路

数据结构: Yuno And Irotoridori no Sekai 树链剖分+平衡树 Ants 树链剖分+扫描线 A Safe Bet 模拟+扫描线+树状数组

字符串: Find the Period 基本子串字典

数学: Islands 分治NTT+生成函数 Circle 记忆化搜索

杂项: Blackjack 搜索 Circuit Design 分类讨论 Book Pages 模拟 Hearthrock 搜索 Snakebird 搜索

Training 2017 - 2018

Full Attendance

2018.04.19 2018 ACM-ICPC World Finals pro:10/11 rk:23/138 sol:10 sum:0

2018.04.16 2018 North American Invitational Programming Contest DONE pro:11/11 rk:10/183 sol:5 sum:0

2018.04.15 2018 BUPT Collegiate Programming Contest pro:11/12 rk:2/105 sol:6 sum:0

2018.04.06 2012 ACM-ICPC World Finals pro:8/12 rk:17/167 sol:3 sum:0

2018.03.29 2017-2018 Summer Petrozavodsk Camp, Warsaw U Contest pro:8/11 rk:24/82 sol:7 sum:0

2017.12.17 2017 ACM-ICPC Asia East Continent League Final pro:11/13 rk:6/328 sol:8 sum:2

2017.12.03 2017 中国大学生程序设计竞赛 - 总决赛 DONE pro:11/11 rk:12/117 sol:7 sum:0

2017.11.21 2017 ACM-ICPC Asia Beijing Regional Contest DONE pro:10/10 rk:5/193 sol:9 sum:0

2017.11.15 2013 ACM-ICPC Southwestern Europe Regional Contest pro:9/10 rk:15/280 sol:7 sum:0

2017.11.05 2017 中国大学生程序设计竞赛 - 杭州站 pro:11/12 rk:5/188 sol:6 sum:0

2017.10.29 2017 ACM-ICPC Asia Xi’an Regional Contest pro:9/11 rk:13/348 sol:7 sum:1

2017.10.22 2017 ACM-ICPC Asia Shenyang Regional Contest DONE pro:13/13 rk:2/185 sol:13 sum:3

2017.10.16 XVII Open Cup named after E.V. Pankratiev. GP of Tatarstan pro:10/12 rk:22/161 sol:10 sum:3

2017.09.24 2017 ACM-ICPC Asia Regional Nanning Online pro:12/13 rk:68/1176 sol:0 sum:0

2017.09.23 2017 ACM-ICPC Asia Regional Beijing Online DONE pro:10/10 rk:8/1161 sol:10 sum:3

2017.09.17 2017 ACM-ICPC Asia Regional Qingdao Online pro:10/11 rk:12/1488 sol;10 sum:3

2017.09.16 2017 ACM-ICPC Asia Regional Xi’an Online DONE pro:10/10 rk:37/1159 sol:10 sum:3

2017.09.10 2017 ACM-ICPC Asia Regional Shenyang Online DONE pro:12/12 rk:15/1289 sol:12 sum:3

2017.09.09 2017 ACM-ICPC Asia Regional Urumqi Online DONE pro:10/10 rk:28/1349 sol:10 sum:3

2017.08.24 2017 Multi-University Training Contest - Team 10 DONE pro:11/11 rk:81/544 sol:11 sum:3

2017.08.22 2017 Multi-University Training Contest - Team 9 DONE pro:10/10 rk:10/626 sol:10 sum:3

2017.08.19 2017 中国大学生程序设计竞赛 - 网络选拔赛 DONE pro:11/11 rk:6/1185 sol:11 sum:3

2017.08.12 2013 ACM-ICPC Asia Regional Changchun Online DONE pro:11/11 rk:6/210 sol:11 sum:3

2017.08.10 2017 Multi-University Training Contest - Team 6 DONE pro:12/12 rk:24/758 sol:12 sum:3

2017.08.08 2017 Multi-University Training Contest - Team 5 DONE pro:11/11 rk:26/758 sol:11 sum:3

2017.08.05 2013 ACM-ICPC Asia Regional Nanjing Online DONE pro:11/11 rk:5/253 sol:11 sum:3

2017.08.03 2017 Multi-University Training Contest - Team 4 DONE pro:13/13 rk:13/739 sol:13 sum:3

2017.08.01 2017 Multi-University Training Contest - Team 3 DONE pro:11/11 rk:6/766 sol:11 sum:3

2017.07.29 2013 Multi-University Training Contest 7 DONE pro:10/10 rk:8/391 sol:10 sum:3

2017.04.09 2017 BUPT Collegiate Programming Contest DONE pro:12/12 rk:4/118 sol:12 sum:0

2017.04.07 2016 ACM-ICPC Pacific Northwest Regional Contest DONE pro:12/12 rk:34/143 sol:12 sum:0

Partial Attendance

2017.10.14 XVII Open Cup named after E.V. Pankratiev. Grand Prix of Two Capitals H pro:7/11 rk:72/179 sol:1 sum:0

2017.10.07 2015 ACM-ICPC Northwestern European Regional Contest H pro:9/11 rk:22/339 sol:0 sum:0

2017.10.05 2009-2010 Summer Petrozavodsk Camp, Andrew Stankevich Contest 35 HL pro:7/10 rk:21/99 sol:7 sum:0

2017.10.03 2016-2017 ACM-ICPC, Asia Tsukuba Regional Contest HL DONE pro:11/11 rk:28/278 sol:11 sum:0

2017.09.30 2013-2014 ACM-ICPC, NEERC, Eastern Subregional Contest HL DONE pro:10/10 rk;22/513 sol:4 sum:0

2017.09.22 Bubble Cup X - Finals HL DONE pro:9/9 rk:44/339 sol:7 sum:0

2017.09.20 XVII Open Cup named after E.V. Pankratiev, Eastern Grand Prix HL pro:11/12 rk:47/118 sol:11 sum:0

2017.08.31 2017 ACM-ICPC China Guangxi Invitational Programming Contest H pro:11/12 sol:11

2017.08.17 2017 Multi-University Training Contest - Team 8 TH DONE pro:11/11 rk:27/491 sol:11 sum:2

2017.08.15 2017 Multi-University Training Contest - Team 7 TH DONE pro:13/13 rk:16/735 sol:13 sum:2

2017.08.04 2014 ACM-ICPC Arab Collegiate Programming Contest H pro:9/10 rk:4/35 sol:0 sum:0

2017.07.30 2013 ACM-ICPC Asia Changchun Regional Contest HL DONE pro:10/10 rk:16/470 sol:10 sum:2

2017.07.27 2017 Multi-University Training Contest - Team 2 TL DONE pro:11/11 rk:32/730 sol:11 sum:2

2017.06.03 2014-2015 Summer Petrozavodsk Camp, Petr Mitrichev Contest 12 HL DONE pro:9/9 rk:12/37 sol:9 sum:0

2017.03.12 2015 ACM-ICPC Southwestern Europe Regional Contest TL DONE pro:10/10 rk:13/90 sol:10 sum:0

Non-Standard Practice

2017.09.10 Russian Code Cup 2017 - Finals DONE pro:6/6 sol:6

2017.08.14 BUAA Summer Practice 2017 Dynamic Programming DONE pro:12/12 sol:12

2017.08.07 BUAA Summer Practice 2017 Graph Theory DONE pro:12/12 sol:12

2017.08.06 2014 ACM-ICPC Asia Regional Anshan Online DONE pro:10/10 sol:10

2017.08.02 2013 ACM-ICPC Asia Chengdu Regional Contest DONE pro:10/10 sol:10

2017.07.30 BUAA Summer Practice 2017 Data Structure DONE pro:12/12 sol:12

2017.07.24 BUAA Summer Practice 2017 String Theory pro:12/13 sol:12

2017.05.24 2017 ACM-ICPC World Finals DONE pro:12/12 sol:12

2016.08.13 2015-2016 Petrozavodsk Winter Training Camp, Saratov SU Contest DONE pro:11/11 sol:8



2017.07.17 meeting

2017.09.09 meeting

2017.10.16 meeting

2018.03.31 meeting

next meeting: TBD